Col. Shaym Vijaya Simha, SM

Transformational Leadership Coach


Colonel is an Indian Army officer with over two decades of service with the Indian Army, comprising a rich experience in battle, staff duties, and in the field of logistics. As a paratrooper, the Colonel stands tall with a galore of medals pinned to his chest, having taken part in many operations of the Indian Army like Operation VIJAY at Kargil, counter-terrorism operations in Kashmir valley, and operations in world’s highest battlefield i.e. Siachen, to name a few.


Medals and Awards

Colonel was grievously wounded in Kargil war, i.e. Operation Vijay in which he sustained bullet and splinter injuries, for which he was awarded the 'Wound medal'. Today Colonel walks with bullets still embedded in his chest. Colonel was awarded the SENA MEDAL Gallantry for his exceptional bravery during an operation to eliminate militants. He has also been awarded the General Officer Commanding's Commendation for his devotion to duty.

As an Author

With a post-graduation in Mathematics, and a Master’s degree in management, Colonel is fond of reading and has over 3000 books in his personal library. He has some articles published in army journals to his credit. Colonel has Co-authored the Bestseller Book Shifting Gears - The Winner's playbook to pivot during a crisis".

As a Corporate Speaker

Dynamic and mission-oriented Army Officer who is accomplished in handling multifarious functions across Operations, HR Management, Business Development, fostering Operational Efficiency, Logistics, Team Building, and high Team Performance. Acclaimed track record in implementing HRM functions to enhance employee satisfaction, retention rates, and increased employee efficiency. Strong verbal and written communication skills to further organizational objectives.

He often gets invited to address leaders on 'Leadership', 'Team-building', 'HR Management', 'Motivation', 'Critical Thinking' and 'Supply-chain Management'


Win your wars

Mired with bundles of challenges forcing us to walk the unkempt obstacle ridden alleys, life opens up into a war front day after day. Most of the times giving up appears as the only option. Many of us walk away even before we start. Staying course when all flags are down, walking that one last step when just standing appears an impossibility. Never giving up even when all odds are stacked against you is the trick to win your wars.

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Grow through

what you go through

Setback does not mean sit back. It  does not say that you are done. Setbacks arent closed chapters. They are the tests to check your performance and show the blindspots to you for improvement. Be patient and endure them. Plan and train to wade through them. Learn the lesson which they so generously are teaching you.Train hard when you fail.

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Summit the

Mountains in you

Enormity of the problem should not be the decider in setting the course to your goals and aims.
The fog of confusion isn't a permanent screen between you and your goal. The climb  to summit isn't tough. Prepare yourself. Declutter your mind. Develop immense focus and patience. Believe in your abilities.  Learn and develop new skills. Walk with faith towards that coveted summit. 

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